Apple Daily Takes On the Stanley Cup Final

By Emma Harger

It looks like Apple Daily is at it again, explaining the intricacies of the Stanley Cup Final to a larger audience.

Back in April, Apple Daily released a video about the contentious first round of the playoffs, covering the intense series between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers as well as the Raffi Torres hit on Marian Hossa. That video focused more on the heightened physicality present in the quarterfinals.

This new one is all about the Final series the New Jersey Devils and Los Angeles Kings are playing. Check it out:

Highlights from this one:

The Kings are represented by guys who look like that creepy Burger King guy, whereas the Devils are represented by skinny big-horned red devils wearing nothing but black bathing suit bottoms.

When Martin Brodeur lets in a goal, he gets so angry fire shoots from his ears and he draws a flaming circle around celebrating Kings players, plunging them into water like in a Looney Tunes cartoon. Also his goal stick is now a pitchfork.

But wait! The Kings aren’t done yet–they’re going to come out of the water astride giant polar bears that shoot mist!

The video covers how the Kings haven’t won a championship and as such are in the shadows of fellow LA teams like the Lakers in possibly the most Hollywood way possible: the Burger King guys can’t get into a club–it’s for champions only.

Then comes a discussion of clueless LA reporters: NBC Los Angeles ran a Sacramento Kings graphic during a segment about the hometown Kings. An infuriated Burger King guy comes in, manually switches the graphics and beats up a generic-looking reporter. Fox 11 also referred to the puck as a ball. (That’s the first I’d heard about that particular mistake.) The video also mentions the lucrative new broadcasting rights deal that Fox Sports recently inked with the Kings.

Also, if a team is struggling on the power play, check and see if anyone is using a voodoo doll.

And, according to them, only gang members who shoot up crowded Sports Authority stores in broad daylight wear Kings gear–but that could change.

At the end, the video seeks comments from people who live outside Canada, so if you have something interesting to add, click here.


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