Saturday Fun: Name Tyler Seguin's New Dog

By Emma Harger

Hey, it’s Saturday, there’s a Stanley Cup Final game coming on soon, and it’s time to have a little Boston Bruins fun.

Tyler Seguin has become a father–to a chocolate Labrador puppy. He hasn’t given any specifics on age or sex yet, plus he hasn’t officially given his Twitter followers a name for the little pup yet. So, time for some lighthearted fun. Name that dog!

UPDATE: It would appear the little guy is named Marshall, based on this tweet, but these suggestions are still fun anyway.

Some suggestions:

  • “He’ll probably call it Dog so he won’t forget the name.” -@staff1989
  • ” I think of teenage girls fanning themselves & typing “OMG” whenever I see his name mentioned, so I’m going with that.” -@_craigtweets
  • “Averman!” -@m0drnmoonlight [a reference to Les Averman, a character in The Mighty Ducks played by Matt Doherty, seen here taunting players with “hey batter batter” before being corrected]
  • “He needs to name the dog Bear. Duh.” -@bethanyedwards referencing The Bear and the Gang, perhaps
  • “Brad Jr.” -@tracy_hill
  • “Stanley or Pigeon.” -@ItsMarchie

It seems like a lot of the Bruins are dog owners and now Seguin has joined their ranks. During the daily Instagram takeovers this season–I want to see more of those next season, as they provide an interesting insight into the players’ lives–at least three different guys used their days to post pictures of their pups.

Shawn Thornton has two, including one that appears to be a greyhound (I’m not great at identifying a lot of dog breeds personally):

Daniel Paille took his dog for a walk by the Charles River on his Instagram day.

Brad Marchand‘s dog Harvey is, in his words, how to pick up chicks.

Seguin has done some dog-sitting for Harvey before, as seen here, and perhaps that may be what inspired him to join his teammates in the world of dog ownership. Labradors tend to get pretty big in adulthood, though, so Seguin could find himself with his hands full caring for his new four-legged friend.

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