Flyers' Potential Deal For Rick Nash Held Up By James van Riemsdyk

By Randy Holt

At this point, it’s pretty much a certainty that Rick Nash is going to find a new home this summer. It’s just a matter of when a trade goes down and where he will end up.

The Philadelphia Flyers are one team believed to be in on Nash, which is really nothing new to these talks. They were a potential suitor at the trade deadline, but didn’t want to surrender the pieces at that point in the season. Early in the summer, they’re looking like a team that could attempt to move on him quickly. But there’s an issue.

Philly is expected to be active in trade talks this summer, for Nash or otherwise, and one big piece they’re willing to part with is forward James van Riemsdyk.

After a solid season in 2010-11 and a very strong showing in the postseason that year, the Flyers signed van Riemsdyk to a new contract that would keep him in Philadelphia through the 2017-18 season. An injury plagued season and a quiet showing in this year’s playoffs, combined with the emergence of several young players, have JvR pretty much headed out.

Any potential deal that could send van Riemsdyk packing, however, will have to wait as JvR’s pending surgery on his torn labrum has been delayed. And who is responsible for the delay is a matter of who you talk to.

On one hand, you have the reports that it was van Riemsdyk who delayed the surgery and that the Flyers were upset with him for doing so. Then you have the reports that it is an infection that is holding up his surgery. The Columbus Blue Jackets side has pretty much denied anything.

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So at this point, the reason for the delay is his surgery is unclear. But we do know that it’s holding up potential deals for the Flyers, including one that could take place for Nash. Those reports have also made it extremely clear that the Flyers are going hard after Nash early this summer.

And it’s a deal that makes sense. The Flyers have pieces to offer, including van Riemsdyk, and the two sides have already swung a big deal, with the Flyers having sent Jeff Carter to Columbus last summer. If he’s going anywhere, the Flyers definitely make sense.

The JvR reports add intrigue to what is already expected to be a busy summer for the Flyers, at least in terms of rumors. Stay tuned.

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