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Maple Leafs Need Roberto Luongo or Rick Nash in Toronto

With the smaller free agent market of star players the Toronto Maple Leafs will have to go down the trade route if Brian Burke is unable to sign one of the better free agent studs this off-season. If this is the case, two players that I would image, that comes to everyone minds when involving the Maple Leafs is Columbus Blue Jackets’ captain Rick Nash, and Vancouver Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo.

It is no secret that the Maple Leafs’ need for a #1 center and a #1 goalie has over shadow their inability to make the playoffs. But if you had to choose between these two star players, who are at different stages of their respective careers and play different positions, who would you choose?

Both options will improve the club dramatically, but which player makes more sense in the shorts and long term situations?

If Brian Burke and Randy Carlyle do not feel Reimer is ready to be the #1 goalie in Toronto for some reason, then a short term solution is Luongo, but certainly an expensive one. In addition to the next status of the CBA being uncertain does not help a Luongo to the Maple Leafs scenario. But a Rick Nash scenario means additional leadership in the locker room, someone to take over Dion Phanuef as captain. Brian Burke would be getting his beloved big stature, physical star player.

Both contracts from both players are pricy, but if Reimer can reach the next level. The obvious choice in my mind is Rick Nash.

Who is your choice, Nash or Luongo? You can let us know below by submitting a comment, or send me a tweet @thejazlive or email me. RantSports wants to hear from YOU!

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