NHL Trade Rumors: Trading Patrick Kane Still Doesn't Make Sense For Blackhawks

By Randy Holt

The idea of trading Patrick Kane is nothing new to anyone who follows the Chicago Blackhawks even the slightest bit. His name has been floating out there among popular NHL trade rumors as a possibility for a couple of seasons now.

That discussion has spiraled into a large debate this summer on whether or not the Blackhawks should seek a new home for Kane this summer, mostly thanks to yet another drunken adventure that ended up on Deadspin. But even with his very public issues with keeping himself under control, does trading Kane make much sense at all for the Blackhawks?

Since he has taken over as general manager, Stan Bowman has prided himself on keeping the “core” group of players intact. That’s all well and good, but when you bring in a bunch of guys who are nearly old enough to be a father to some of these young Hawks, you can understand why some might be open to the possibility of turning some of that core group into a large haul in a trade.

But that doesn’t mean it should necessarily be Kane that they trade.

Yes, Kane did underachieve this season. So did most of the team. But the reasoning behind potentially trading him is more related to the fact that he can’t go a summer without some sort of “scandal” brought about by his incredible inability to control himself when drinking. It seems like trading him now would just be a knee-jerk reaction.

You also have the other side, saying that Kane is only 23 and has a right to party and do what he wants. Yes, Kane is a young superstar with enough money to do whatever he wants. But when you’re the face of the franchise, there is a high level of responsibility that needs to be recognized by Kane. Just don’t put yourself in the situation.

What the Hawks need to do is give Kane a heavy dose of tough love. Consider this his final strike and see if he can get his offseason affairs in order for a change. The kid is obviously in need of it and trading him isn’t the answer.

Aside from the fact that trading him over this summer’s shenanigans doesn’t make sense is the fact that cutting loose a talent like Kane is a silly idea to begin with. Period. He’s one of the premier playmakers in the NHL with more skill than a decent majority of the league. How do you expect to replace what you could potentially get out of Kane, especially if you use him as a chip to bring in defense or goaltending?

The long and short of it is that trading Patrick Kane simply doesn’t make sense. Is his inconsistency frustrating? Yes. Does it get old seeing Kane’s name in the headlines for whatever drunken nonsense he got himself into each summer? Yes. When you take a step back, though, and look at it, it’s simply not the best course of action.

We don’t know if the Hawks have even discussed the idea of trading Kane, or anyone from the core group. We’ll know more in the coming weeks, but I highly doubt much thought will be put into trading one of the game’s young stars. Now if he spends another season underachieving, next summer could see things get a bit more interesting.

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