NHL Trade Rumors: Evander Kane's Name Emerging Ahead Of NHL Draft

By Randy Holt

We’re less than a week away from the 2012 NHL Draft and there are no shortage of NHL trade rumors starting to float around the league. Most of the talk has centered around Rick Nash, but another name has come up within the last couple days that could be donning a new sweater very soon: Evander Kane.

Evander Kane isn’t on the same level as Nash, obviously, but he is sure to be a popular name out on the market. He’s still very young, at just 20 years old, and has plenty of offensive potential.

After their first year after the relocation from Atlanta, it’s apparent that Kane doesn’t have much of an intention to sign with the Winnipeg Jets this summer. He’s already been put through plenty with that team, mainly the move, and is now apparently ready for a change.

Kane had the best season of his career last year, with 57 points, including 30 goals. He’s a big body up on the forward lines and plays physical, with 173 hits last season. Given that he had such a terrific year last year, and has improved in each season he’s been in the league, the Jets could be busy fielding calls for him.

At just 20, there is still plenty of growing for Kane to do as far as his game is concerned. But it’s apparent that the offensive skill is there and he’s on his way to becoming an elite player in the NHL. Teams that lose out on Nash, or even before Nash is traded, could turn their attention to Kane.

Kane is a great talent and should continue to improve, but he’s not on Rick Nash’s level yet. With the Columbus Blue Jackets asking the moon for Nash, teams could end up abandoning that attempt and moving onto Kane. He’ll require a decent haul, but it’ll be nowhere near what acquiring Nash is going to take.

It’s unfortunate that Kane apparently wants out of Winnipeg, simply because that’s a team with some solid pieces and could have had some big time star power once Kane reached his potential. There’s still a chance he could end up re-signing, but with him unwilling to negotiate a new deal, it looks like he may have played his last game with the Jets.


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