A look back at the Anaheim Ducks 2010 draft part 2

By Jeff Shibley

I am taking a look back at the Anaheim Ducks draft from 2010. For part 1 click HERE.

Unlike the 4 years that Brian Burke drafted for the Ducks where the 1st round picks where hit or miss (Bobby Ryan, and Jake Gardiner being the hits, and Mark Mitera, and Logan Macmillan being the misses). Now we can actually expect to get good players even after the 1st round under Bob Murray. With the exception of Matt Belesky, and Brandon McMillan there isn’t much to show from all 4 of Burkes drafts after the 1st round. Just as 2009 where we still have high expectations for non 1st rounders like Mat Clark, Igor Bobkov, and Sami Vatanen. Murray also brought the Ducks great prospects after the 1st round in the 2010 draft. In fact in the case of Devante Smith-Pelly despite his age, its hard to call him a prospect anymore since he spent most of last season in the NHL.

2nd round 42nd overall- In the 2nd round the Ducks took a player we are all know Devante Smith-Pelly. He played 49 games with the Ducks in his rookie year, and was very impressive. I have to be honest, at the start of the season I thought he should have been sent down to juniors because of his age, and then come back next season. He proved me wrong though. He brought some much needed energy to this Ducks team. I already new that he played that physical bang and crash style before he got here, but I was impressed how well he did it at the NHL level. I was also very impressed that he had a little more offensive game than I expected. 7 goals, and 13 points may not seem like a lot in 49 games, but for a player that is here for his physical presence and is still getting his feet wet at the pro level with no minor league experience, you have to think that there is some more offense that will come once he gets more games played under his belt.

5th round 122nd overall- The Ducks surprised me on the 2nd day of the draft by trading tough guy Mike Brown for a 5th round pick. In this case the pick turned out to be Chris Wagner. While you pull for all of your prospects to make it, I think I pulled for Wagner a little more since we traded an NHL player to get him. I have watched Wagner play a few times at rookie camps, and tournaments but never in a real game. To be honest he does play a similar physical game to Smith-Pelly, and I know I already compared Max Friberg to Chris Kunitz, but Wagner fits that mold too. He is a great skater, with a lot of speed. He loves to hit and get physical. As he showed last season for Colgate University he has some offense to his game too. In his 2nd season he scored 51 points in 38 games.

5th round 132nd overall- The Ducks just signed Tim Heed a couple of weeks ago making all of the 1st 5 picks from both the 2009, and 2010 draft signed. Heed is small for a defenseman at 5’11” 165 lbs. He is expected to play at least one more season in Sweden before coming to North America, where we would probably get at least another season in the AHL. He had 30 pts. in 47 games in a second tier league in Sweden last season. It will be interesting to see how he pans out but to be honest my expectations aren’t as high on Heed as they are on the other 9 players from the 2009, and 2010 players that the Ducks have under contract.

In the 6th and 7th rounds the Ducks took forward Andreas Dahlstrom, and chose not to retain his rights as he has failed to impress in Sweden since he was drafted. The Ducks also took defenseman Kevin Lind who just finished his 2nd season at Notre Dame. I am going to guess that he finishes his next 2 years at Notre Dame before the Ducks decide to sign him. The final pick of the draft for the Ducks was forward Brett Perlini. He just finished his senior year at Michigan State University. I am not certain on this but I would guess that if the Ducks don’t sign him by the end of this month he becomes a UFA.

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