Kings fan trolls through newspaper ad

By Nina Falcone

USPRESSWIRE. Photo credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea

The Los Angeles Kings Twitter account became famous on its own during the team’s playoff run for it’s humor and ability to troll other teams and their fans. Now, it seems like their fans are continuing in its footsteps.

Classified ads popped up in New Jersey, Vancouver, Phoenix, and St. Louis Monday morning, mocking each of the four teams for their loss to the eighth seeded Kings.

Each post read as follows:

“Dear (enter team name) fans, Better luck next year! Sincerely, L.A. Kings Fan”

I’m all for witty humor and can’t help but want to shake the hand of someone who used their hard-earned dollars to invest in these ads, but at the same time I think Kings fans need to be careful at just how much chirping they do.

I’ve been a Kings fan my entire life and seeing them win the Cup was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced, but as Los Angeles fans we know what it’s like to have a season swept from underneath us, and it’s far from a pleasant feeling. A jab or two is okay, but I know I’d just be angry if I saw this pop up in the LA Times after a difficult loss. For a team that worked so hard to get its name on the map, I wouldn’t want to see the Kings get a bad reputation around the league.

What do you think about the classified ads? Do you find them humorous or think they went a bit too far?

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