New Columbus Blue Jackets slogan rallies fans

By Krista Golden

After a season that saw them at the bottom of the NHL standings and amid swirling rumors concerning the future of their captain, the Columbus Blue Jackets have surged ahead for the 2012-13 season, encapsulating their new vision for the team with a three-word slogan.

The new ad campaign, “Join The Battle,” was formally launched on Monday via social media and TV and radio ads; a newspaper ad was seen in the Columbus Dispatch on Sunday. The campaign not only calls to players, coaches, team staff and die-hard fans, but to those who are beckoned by the upcoming All-Star Game in January.

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The official mission statement behind the slogan states: “A theme born from history, from pride and our commitment to make the Blue Jackets a force to be reckoned with. It speaks to the battles that take place both on and off the ice, and taps into the rich heritage associated with the state of Ohio since the Civil War. ‘Join the Battle’ is a rally cry for the entire city – from the front office in the arena to the fans on the streets, and means we’re Carrying the Flag together to the next level.”

The campaign launch also coincides with a watch party being held on Friday at Nationwide Arena for the first round of the 2012 NHL Draft in Pittsburgh. Fans attending will watch the Blue Jackets use their draft picks, including the second overall pick, to choose the future of the team. After the draft, the campaign will focus on drawing more fans to become season ticket holders, who will have priority in selecting tickets for All-Star Weekend events.

With a new call to the ice and the promise of new talent on the horizon, the Blue Jackets are getting ready to welcome back their faithful fans and introduce the team to new ones.


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