NHL Trade Rumors: Patrick Kane Trade Talk Just Won't Die

By Randy Holt

It’s the story that just won’t end. Though the whispers of the Chicago Blackhawks trading Patrick Kane have been floating around for quite a bit, Kane’s latest drunken adventures have helped those rumors to be reborn. Now they refuse to go away and make up the latest NHL trade rumors.

Kane had a very disappointing season this year, with just 66 points and a playoff series in which he was invisible. In his defense, Kane was trying to adjust to a new position, as he was bounced between playing on the wing and trying to fit in as the team’s second line center.

The past couple of years have seen Patrick Kane find more success off the ice than on it, if his biannual Deadspin appearances tell you anything. He’s shown some flashes of brilliance, but has underachieved for the most part, while visibly trying to do too much when he does have the puck.

Despite a couple of down years, Kane is still an elite talent, as well as a face of the franchise, along with Jonathan Toews. Though I could see the Hawks trading a piece of the “core” this summer to improve the team overall, I still doubt that that piece would be Patrick Kane.

What would be nice would be for the Hawks to come out and say something about the rumors, ideally shooting them down. It is a bit curious that they haven’t yet, though, especially since this isn’t the first time we’ve heard these types of rumors (Oh, hey Ryan Miller).

With the NHL Draft just a couple of days away, these rumors aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Is it possible that the Hawks deal Patrick Kane at some point this summer, whether it’s before Friday or in July? Sure. It’s unlikely though, and you better be ready to replace his offense if you do.

It’d be nice to have a solution to this situation soon, one way or another. Either trade Kane and be done with it, or make it clear that you aren’t shopping him and don’t plan to. Unfortunately, with Stan Bowman running the show, I don’t really see that happening. This isn’t the last we’ve heard of these rumors, as has been the case before. But stay tuned, just in case.

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