Is Rick Nash Really The Best Idea For The Flyers?

By Randy Holt

Aside from whatever nonsense is swirling around regarding Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane, the biggest name out on the trade market is that of Columbus Blue Jackets forward Rick Nash.

Barring some sort of change of heart, from either side, Nash will be finding a new home this summer, it’s just a matter of when it happens and where he’s going.

Among the teams in the running to acquire Nash, the Philadelphia Flyers are considered a big player to land the stud forward. They have the pieces to pull it off, something not a lot of teams can say, and they appear willing to deal. But would a trade for Nash be in the best interest in the organization?

Names being floated out there in a potential Nash deal include James van Riemsdyk and Sergei Bobrovsky, as well as possibly Sean Couturier or Matt Read (obviously not both), in addition to whatever draft picks it might require to get a deal done. That’s simply ridiculous.

Of those, JvR is the only one that you can truly consider to be expendable. You don’t know what you’re getting out of Ilya Bryzgalov on a night-to-night basis, so Bobrovsky could end up being important. Not to mention the potential of the likes of Couturier and Read, both of which were in their first year this season.

It’s not even just CBJ’s ridiculous asking price that should cause the Flyers to shy away from a trade for Rick Nash. It’s the fact that they don’t necessarily need him. This is a Flyers team that can put the puck in the net with the best of them in the National Hockey League. Does adding Nash improve your team that much after giving up so much to acquire him? They don’t really need to add a guy at that cost, who may not even finish out his contract.

The Flyers need to focus their resources on shaping up an inconsistent blue line before looking to pay that sort of price for Rick Nash. They may very well be a favorite to land the Blue Jackets’ franchise player, but they might be better off exploring other options this summer. If CBJ comes down on their asking price, then it’s a different story, but as it stands right now, it’s just too much to give up for Rick Nash.

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