NHL Rumors: Jordan Staal Could Be Looking for a Trade

By Emma Harger

The NHL rumors mill continues to churn and now here is the newest grist for the mill: Jordan Staal of the Pittsburgh Penguins may not be with the Penguins much longer.

Reportedly, he has turned down a big offer from the Penguins that would keep him in black and Vegas gold for another decade. Not only did he reject the 10-year offer, though, he has indicated to Pittsburgh brass that he’s not interested in signing any contract extension now.

Previously I wrote of Staal’s situation within a deep Pittsburgh team: though he is a talented center, the problem is that he’s on the same team as recent Hart, Lindsay and Ross trophy winner Evgeni Malkin as well as superstar captain Sidney Crosby, two guys who play center as well. As a result, Staal is on the third line when on another team, he could very well be on the top or second line. When he’s healthy–he does have issues with injury sometimes–he can put up some big seasons. This year he had 50 points in the 62 games he played, for example.

Some teams that could use a player like Staal include the Carolina Hurricanes (captained by his brother Eric), the Toronto Maple Leafs, the New York Islanders and the Minnesota Wild. Basically, any team that’s had trouble putting the puck in the net could potentially find a use for Staal, but only if the price is right.

The imminent NHL draft may also lead to more bombshells like these. Get ready for some possible shakeups tomorrow.

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