NHL Rumors: Could Roberto Luongo End Up On The Chicago Blackhawks?

By Riley Schmitt

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Hell might freeze over if this latest batch of NHL rumors happen to be true.  The wackiest rumor has much maligned Vancouver Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo being linked to the Chicago Blackhawks.  The money would be kind of hard to work around, but the rumor apparently has legs.

Considering Blackhawks fans make a living out of making fun of Luongo and his struggles, I think this deal is just another smokescreen as far as NHL rumors go.  The money is absurd for a guy who is starting to slip a lot.  Paying that much money to Luongo and expecting a fanbase to embrace him is just too big of a risk.

If this deal does come true, I would imagine there would be a lot of angry Blackhawks fans.  They do not appreciate Luongo and anything connected to the Canucks.  The rivalry is fierce, which makes this deal sound so absurd on the surface.  The only way this would happen is if there are moves made to clear up cap space

We are reaching the point when rumors are heating up in almost every sport.  Some are better sounding than others.  As far Chicago Blackhawks fans are concerned, Luongo coming to the United Center would probably sound like a bad dream.  If you love making fun of the guy for failing, I bet cheering for him to succeed would just be painful.

It will be an eventful offseason as far as hockey is concerned.  Luongo coming to Chicago would be the top of comedy.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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