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NHL Rumors: Bobby Ryan on the Trading Block?

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The rumors surrounding a potential trade of Bobby Ryan from the Anaheim Ducks tend to pop up every now and again, but nothing has ever come of it–until now. Now, things are different. Now, Ryan himself seems frustrated and ready to bolt from Southern California, tired of the specter of a trade hanging over him.

Back in November, Ryan’s name was thrown around as potential trade bait when the Ducks were going through a rough time. However, when coach Randy Carlyle was replaced with Bruce Boudreau, the club’s fortunes shifted, as did Ryan’s. Before the coaching change, Ryan had 12 points in 24 games, but after the change, he put up 45 points in 58 games and surpassed the 30-goal mark. He’s scored at least 30 goals in his first four NHL seasons.

He also said that Boudreau really helped him out and that he hoped his performance this past season would finally put trade rumors to rest.

Now, he’s frustrated, and he’s heard that four teams may be interested in him. However, he was only told the name of one of them, the Philadelphia Flyers. The Flyers would be his hometown-area team, since he hails from nearby Cherry Hill, N.J.

The greater metro area that Cherry Hill is part of, though, is awash with teams. The New Jersey Devils are nearby, as are the New York Islanders and Rangers–although Ryan’s dad has said that he doesn’t want to go to the latter because he would get a lot of guff from his friend and Flyers legend Bob Clarke.

Though Ryan is interested in Philly, and apparently the interest is mutual, he might want to think about the Islanders as a destination. The team could use a big goal-scorer, considering that P.A. Parenteau (18 goals, 49 assists, 67 points) may try the free agency market because he’s slated to become an unrestricted free agent. Plus, they have a lot of available cap space to potentially take in Ryan’s $5.1 million cap hit.

His lower asking price and easier-to-swallow three-year contract may make him appealing to teams that were initially interested in Rick Nash but balk at his six-year deal and $7.8 million cap hit, too.

Ryan, for what’s it worth, said that he would be happy in any lineup so long as  the rumors disappear. Of course, he certainly wouldn’t mind being back in his hometown, either.

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