Martin Brodeur In Another Jersey is Just Plain Insane

By Steve Palumbo

New Jersey Devils goalie Martin Brodeur hired an agent. That does not guarantee his days in Jersey are over, but it is enough to make members of the Devils Army very, very nervous.

If you didn’t already know, Brodeur,  an icon in the Garden State, has decided to test the free agent market.  If he and the Devils cannot come to terms before the opening of  free agency tomorrow at noon Eastern than he will field offers from other teams.

After a long playoff run that fell short of the franchises fourth Stanley Cup, the summer hasn’t been kind to New Jersey. Already facing the end of the Zach Parise era, Devils fans must come to terms with possibly losing the man that has been a mainstay in net since Bill Clinton was President.

Many, including myself, never gave Brodeur returning a second thought. I believed it was a forgone conclusion that he would back. Now I’m not so sure. The Devils financial woes may be much worse than any of us want to believe.  Lou Lamoriello may actually have his hands tied. A dilemma that could have catastrophic consequences.

The Devils have a self-imposed budget that may be hindering signing both Parise and Brodeur. Can a team already facing financial drama afford to lose those so many stars at once? Players that draw fans into the Prudential Center?

Probably not and at the same time they probably can’t afford both either.

Sadly, this is the reality fans are facing in New Jersey.  It seems less and less likely that Parise will be back. I can accept that. I cannot and will not accept Brodeur retiring in another sweater. If you recall, it was Brodeur himself that proclaimed “the Devils is what I am!”

All the greatness he has bestowed upon the Devils from the swamp to the city. Do you think there would have be a Prudential Center without Martin Brodeur? That is a resounding, NO. He is more than just another players on New Jersey, HE IS THE DEVILS and THE DEVILS ARE HIM.

Can you imagine Brodeur in his NHL swan song tour wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey? Not only would that be an embarrassment to arguably the greatest goalie to ever live, it would forever leave a black-eye on the New Jersey Devils franchise.

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