NHL Rumors: Blackhawks, Martin Brodeur Have Mutual Interest

It seems like every goaltender that hits the market, whether that be free agent or trade, ends up connected to the Chicago Blackhawks in some fashion or another, even though we have no real indication that the Hawks are looking to upgrade their goaltending.

But that has apparently changed, with future Hall of Famer Martin Brodeur out on the market. Brodeur’s six-year deal with the New Jersey Devils expired this summer, leaving him to test the free agent waters.

Though most figure he’ll end up back in New Jersey, there are a few teams apparently interested in Brodeur, with the Blackhawks being one of them. And the interest appears to be mutual.

Brodeur battled through inconsistency during the regular season, as the Devils made the postseason as the no. 6 seed in the Eastern Conference, but it was an entirely different story during the postseason. His 2.12 GAA helped to carry the Devils to the Stanley Cup Finals, with only a couple of performances that you could really describe as bad.

It’s intriguing that the Blackhawks and Brodeur have mutual interest, but there are plenty of questions about a potential match. The first is whether or not it’s even a good fit and if Brodeur could even play at a high level for the two years he’s reportedly seeking in a new contract.

You do have to question whether or not Brodeur would find anywhere near the type of success in a year or two with the Blackhawks as he has his entire career with the Devils. He’d be playing behind a Hawks defense that hasn’t exactly proven to be reliable in front of its goaltenders the past couple of seasons. And at his advanced age, the end result could be ugly.

As nice as it might sound for the Blackhawks to bring in, arguably, the greatest goaltender of all time, there just doesn’t appear to be a match there. It simply makes the most sense for the club to stick with Corey Crawford for at least another season, and focus on upgrading the guys in front of him.

Don’t expect Brodeur to sign with another club, either. Just like Shane Doan out in Phoenix, it’s almost impossible to see him joining another team, even if there is interest on both sides. I completely expect him to end up back in New Jersey. It’s just a matter of time.

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