Forward Zach Parise Trolls The Internet On Monday Afternoon

By Riley Schmitt

Zach Parise was the biggest fish on the free agent market this offseason.  After mulling over offers from multiple teams, including the Chicago Blackhawks, the Pittsburgh Penguins and the New Jersey Devils, Parise decided to troll the Internet on Monday by delaying his contract announcement.

Zach Parise is going to be a big help on offense.  He is a creative scorer and there is a reason that a lot of teams tried to sign him.  Scorers like him do not come around that often.  If you have a chance to sign him, you go ahead and pull out all the stops to get him.

Although it was not quite as odd as “The Decision,” Zach Parise certainly held the Twitterverse hostage on Monday afternoon.  He was trending online and many people were speculating about how his future team.  In fact, many people were making jokes about it to pass the time.

In the end, the joke was on the hockey fans who worked themselves into a frenzy.  The amount of Parise love was almost ridiculous.  A lot of fans were mad about it, but I do not blame him.  He needs to take all the time in the world to decide where he is going to play next season.  There is no need to bend to the whims of the fans.

Zach Parise will eventually sign a new deal.  However, he pulled a fast one on the Internet fans Monday and I think it was pretty funny.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.


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