NHL Rumors: Where Will Ryan Suter Go?

By Emma Harger

As free agency opened yesterday, one of the biggest questions hanging over the day was not yet answered: what team will call Ryan Suter one of theirs this fall? Currently with the Nashville Predators, it seems like he’s looking to leave Tennessee and patrol the blue line elsewhere.

Interested teams in the running include the Detroit Red Wings, Philadelphia Flyers and Minnesota Wild. Detroit was active on the first day of free agency, and also signed Suter’s Predators teammate Jordin Tootoo, which could make Hockeytown an attractive option. The Flyers appear to have big money ready to spend because they’ve also put in an offer for Zach Parise. The Wild did the same, sending in offers for the two players who are probably the biggest potential catches on the market right now. (Rick Nash speculation fell by the wayside to an extent.)

Suter may command almost the kind of money that Sidney Crosby got recently in his contract renewal. We’re talking long terms, big numbers and potential big bonuses too. Nothing is set in stone yet, but do not be surprised if he finds a new home on a big new deal. This could be of special help to teams that are still having trouble reaching the salary floor, let alone the temporary $70.2 million salary cap.

Plus, as Suter goes, so go Matt Carle (Philadelphia) and Bryce Salvador (New Jersey). Both may wait until Suter announces his decision before they decide on anything. Speculation about their potential new homes has been much less widespread, however. The Carolina Hurricanes, another team that was very active on the first day of free agency, may very well make a bid for one or both of them.

Also, expect Parise to make his decision soon, too. Maybe he just had to sleep on it.

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