Mathieu Perreault Signs A Two-Year Contract

By Michelle Drinnenberg

Today, Mathieu Perreault signed a two-year contract worth $2.1 million with the Washington Capitals.

Despite being a healthy scratch in the playoffs, the 24-year-old center came off the best season of his career; basically doubling his stats almost across the board.

Management and the new head coach, Adam Oates, were skeptical about Perreault wanting to sign with the Capitals after being benched by prior coach Dale Hunter. Fortunately, Oates is as convincing as they come; reassuring Perreault that he is a top forward in Washington. Thankfully, Perreault thought he owed it to the team that gave him his first chance,

“This is where I wanted to be,” Perreault said. “This is the team that gave me my first chance, and I really wanted to get a deal done with the Caps and I’m happy to get it done today.”

I have no complaints about this signing. Perreault had 16 goals, 14 assists, and was a +9 concluding the regular season. On top of that, the kid had a whopping four game-winning-goals for the Capitals. In the future, that last stat can be a start of a clutch career for Perreault.

Overall, Perreault is a smart player and is still showing signs of improvement and growth. At a cost of $1.05 million for two years, I’d say this wasn’t a bad deal for Washington and at a good price.

Hopefully for the sake of Perreault and the Caps, they give this kid some ice time. That’s all he wants and, in my opinion, he surely deserves to play more. I think it’s a win-win situation for both sides. Play Perreault more and it can only get better.

“All I want is to get ice time and get a chance to play a little bit more. That’s it,” pleaded Perreault.

And more ice time you shall get.

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