Can Dion Phaneuf Lead the Toronto Maple Leafs?

By Jeff Zeffer

Today I will be talking about the controversy surrounding Dion Phaneuf being awarded the captaincy of the Toronto Maple Leafs in 2010. A lot of fans are skeptical of Phaneuf ability to be in the role of a captain, let alone be the captain for one of the most history hockey franchise in the history of the NHL.

Right now I feel that there is a great deal of Toronto Maple Leafs fans who are uncomfortable having Phaneuf as the captain. While another section are on the fence of whether Phaneuf can lead this team through a playoff run, God willing we even make the playoffs. While another handful are okay with Phaneuf as captain, giving the fact that there is really no better option, right?

Is there anyone else currently on this team who should were the “C”?

More veteran type of players such as John-Micheal Liles and Joffrey Lupul could be good option to lead this team. Liles who will be in Toronto for a couple more years, but Lupul would need to sign an extension before giving consideration to where the “C”. Both these players are hard working, vocal on and off the ice, they won’t fight, but neither are afraid to rough it up, while continuing to produce for this team for years to come. The only thing is both players have only played one season of hockey in Toronto.

Even though Mikhail Grabovski is a second line center, with his experience on this team and a long term contract signed, Grabovski should be given some consideration.

But is Toronto Maple Leafs’ management even considering changing their captain? I would think not.

Phaneuf is also one of the most feared hitters in the game today. Phaneuf is vocal on and off the ice, while his play on ice will motivate his team at any time. While being helpful on the offensive end, he is also not afraid to speak his mind, and offers guidance to the youngsters of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Phaneuf is no Mats Sundin, but out of the group of players the Toronto Maple Leafs currently have, there is really no better option than Phaneuf.

What do you think about the Toronto Maple Leafs’ current captain situation? Should Phaneuf keep the “C” or should the captaincy of this team be given to someone else?

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