Reader Poll: What is the Best Movie About Hockey?

By Michael Collins

In the world of sports movies, it would seem that Hollywood sometimes takes an ESPN approach to things when it comes to hockey. Sort of a “Yeah, we need to touch on it every once in a while, but it’s not going to make us much money.”

Nearly every summer, there’s a new movie about a down-and-out football or baseball team, or another dramatic heart-string puller about the coach who inspired his college or high school students. And you can usually count on at least one cheap direct-to-video sequel from a successful sports movie franchise.

But despite having only a few real entries into the genre of sports-based movies, hockey surprisingly has some of the most watched flicks out there, and at times attracts some of the more popular and dynamic Hollywood stars to be a part of them.

Recently we put a question out to our readers on Twitter and Facebook about which hockey movie was their favorite. Overwhelmingly, the two front-runners were 2004’s Miracle – the second movie ever made about the 1980 United States Men’s Olympic Hockey Team – and Slap Shot, the 1977 comedy that explored the dark side of violence in the sport.

In those two films alone, you have a Hollywood A-list, including Paul Newman, Strother Martin, Kurt Russell, and Patricia Clarkson.

Goon, the 2011 flick starring Seann William Scott, got a few votes, as did the 1999 comedy hit with Russell Crowe and Burt Reynolds, Mystery, Alaska

So now we’ll put the poll out there with a few extra choices for you. Tell us what you think is the best movie ever made about hockey. If your choice isn’t on the list, then post in the comment section telling us which one you like.

What is Your Favorite Hockey Movie?

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