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Today in Boston Bruins History: July 9

Boston Bruins history for July 9:

1936: André Pronovost (full name André Joseph Armand Pronovost) is born in Shawinigan Falls, Quebec. Pronovost began his NHL career with the Montreal Canadiens back in the days of their dynastic Cup wins–in his first four years playing in the NHL, he won the Cup four times. Then in 1960, a trade brought him to Boston, the other side of the rivalry. In the one full season he was part of the Bruins, he played 70 games and scored 23 points. But in 1962, he was traded once more to the Detroit Red Wings. He stayed with Detroit, and dallied with minor-league squads as well, until the NHL’s big 1967 expansion. A draft held to stock the rosters of all the new teams saw Pronovost go from Detroit to the new Minnesota North Stars. More time with now-defunct minor teams after that ended in 1971-72 with his retirement.

1947: Jim Harrison (full name James David Harrison) is born in Bonnyville, Alberta. Harrison spent a season with Boston in 1968-69 after a four-year junior career with the old Estevan Bruins, playing 16 games and putting up three points. He was traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs next season, so he was not around for the 1970 Stanley Cup championship. With Toronto, his production increased, but then he made the jump to the WHA in their 1972 draft. There, he played for the Alberta–now Edmonton–Oilers and Cleveland Crusaders before a return to the NHL with the Chicago Black Hawks in 1976. (The Maple Leafs still held his NHL rights and traded them to the Windy City.) His pro career ended in 1979-80 with the Oilers, who had become part of the NHL by then.

2011: As part of the 2011 development camp, the Bruins prospects get a cooking lesson, which might be the first time some of these guys have ever attempted to prepare anything more complex than mac and cheese. Click here to see a gallery.


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