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NHL Rumors: Are the Pittsburgh Penguins Interested in Shane Doan?

With their unsuccessful attempt to acquire top free agents Zach Parise and Ryan Suter, the Pittsburgh Penguins are in the market for a big name player to replace the large gap left by their former elite third-line centerman, Jordan Staal.

A few names have been thrown around when discussing the latest NHL rumors, but one that continually keeps surfacing as of late is Phoenix Coyotes captain, Shane Doan.  The Penguins could definitely benefit from a veteran presence, like Doan, to add to their wealth of talent.  A seasoned leader that could bring his experience into the locker room was definitely one of the bigger pieces of the puzzle that Pittsburgh was missing last season especially with the early exit during their playoff run.

But could Doan’s camp be pulling the same thing that Jaromir Jagr and his agent did with Pittsburgh only one short off-season ago and using the Penguins organization as leverage for increasing his value and the demand?

It’s quite possible especially if you read any recent article relating to Doan’s interest in any of his NHL suitors.  His agent, Terry Bross, has said practically the same thing for every team that they are asked about … Doan would definitely be interested in playing for “insert NHL team here.”  That’s a pretty generic answer and one that could garner a bidding war for those who are in the market and are not concerned with the salary cap (or in a position not to be concerned with the cap); none of which describes the type of interest the Pittsburgh Penguins have in Doan or any current free agent, for that matter.

As it stands now, if Doan is seriously considering leaving Phoenix or the franchise is moved to another location, the Penguins would be in a decent spot in the running; however, there are plenty of things that will be in play just as they were with Parise and Suter (and we all know how that ended).  So, until Doan is making his announcement to the media, we can speculate but nothing is certain at this point just as the situation was about a week ago.

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