NHL Rumors: Kings' Interest In Shane Doan Is Very Intriguing

By Randy Holt

It’s about a week late, but the Shane Doan Sweepstakes are finally up and running. At this point, we can likely put the number of teams interested in the veteran winger at about 30.

Seriously, who doesn’t have some sort of interest in signing Shane Doan? A veteran guy, and a great physical presence that can contribute at full strength and on special teams and keep up with any team’s top six, without taking anything away from the offense? He’s a perfect fit on any number of teams.

Of course, not all 30 teams have interest, and there are likely only a few serious suitors out there, the Phoenix Coyotes obviously being the favorite to re-sign him, pending something going south with the ownership saga.

However, of the teams interested, there is one surprise club out there that could have a very good shot at landing Shane Doan: the Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings.

The kings have already locked up most of their championship roster, with the exception of Jordan Nolan. They can now focus on filling the few holes that they do have, and a top six forward is on Dean Lombardi‘s shopping list.

There’s no doubt Doan would be a great fit, as he would be with most teams. But after the physical and verbal nonsense that took place between the Kings and the Coyotes in the Western Conference Finals, would it actually work? Apparently it would, as there is mutual interest between the Kings and Doan, making LA one of the more serious suitors out there, assuming Doan chooses to leave Phoenix.

Smart money still says he re-ups in the desert and finishes his career with the franchise he started with, as long as the never-ending battle taking place in Glendale sorts itself out and the Coyotes finally have an owner. If he looks to bolt, watch for the Kings as a team going hard after him, which would only add intrigue to the new and fiery Coyotes-Kings rivalry.

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