NHL Rumors: Shane Doan Interested In Joining Chicago Blackhawks?

By Randy Holt

At this point, we’re quite sure that about 75 percent of the National Hockey League has at least some interest in Phoenix Coyotes free agent captain Shane Doan, as he tests the market pretty much for the first time ever.

Of the teams inquiring, Doan is only believed to be interested in a handful of teams, depending on how the fit is as far as the potential for success and how it would work out with his family.

Among the teams Doan is believed to be interested in is the Chicago Blackhawks. Jonathan Toews already joked that he had tried to “recuit” Doan in Chicago during the NHLPA meetings in Chicago a couple of weeks ago.

There’s no doubt Shane Doan would be an excellent fit with the Chicago Blackhawks. He’d be a big body capable of playing and contributing in the top six, while also helping out on special teams, the power play in particular.

Some have speculated that we could have a situation similar to Martin Brodeur on our hands, where Doan is primarily using teams out on the market as leverage to get the contract he wants. I don’t expect that to be an issue with Doan, no matter where he signs. He wants to stay in Phoenix, so if he leaves the Coyotes, it won’t be because of contract issues.

You couldn’t blame Doan for leaving the Coyotes, if things don’t work out with the ownership situation in the very near future. He’s stuck it out with this franchise for so long, never even sniffing a deep playoff run prior to this season.

The most likely scenario still remains Doan sticking around in the desert until he decides to hang up his skates. But if he chooses to leave, the Blackhawks would be a great fit for him. There’s already an established core that’s just a few pieces away from another Cup and it’s a fantastic market that would take to Doan very quickly.

The Blackhawks are just one of many teams that will talk to Doan over the next few days, but they should have just as good a shot as any as bringing him in. If he decides to leave Phoenix. And that’s a major ‘if’.

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