Should The Los Angeles Kings Pursue Shane Doan?

By Tony Moreno

After Zach Parise and Ryan Suter signed with the Minnesota Wild, Shane Doan instantly became the top remaining free agent left on the market.  He has been holding out due to the uncertainty of the Phoenix Coyotes financial situations and it seems that his time to sign with a team is closing in.  Many rumors have been announced regarding Shane Doan like: he wants to stay out West whether or not it’s with the Coyotes, he respects the Coyotes too much and wants to play out East, a team has been said to offer him a 4-year deal worth $30 million, and many others.  However, a few teams have constantly been mentioned and one of those teams are the Los Angeles Kings.  So now the question is do the Kings really need Shane Doan and his services?

In my own opinion, the Kings do not need Doan.  All four lines for the Kings were firing on all cylinders during the end of the regular season and all throughout the playoffs.  The top line of Dustin Brown, Anze Kopitar, Jason Williams continued to play well, while the reuniting of Jeff Carter and Mike Richards on the 2nd line worked out great and also gave a spark to Dustin Penner.  These top 2 lines for the Kings were the 1-2 punch they needed to get into the playoffs and make the long playoff run that they did.  Does Dean Lombardi or any of the Kings staff want to change any of these lines?  Shane Doan may be a good addition to the 3rd line, but there is no way Doan gets signed with a team and plays in the bottom 6, especially what he is expected to make.  Doan is 35 and may be looking for a 4 year contract which can be anywhere from $4.5-$5.5 million per year and with Jonathan Quick’s new contract starting in the 2013-2014 season, Doan’s cap hit may cripple the Kings for any future plans.

Dont get me wrong, Shane Doan is an excellent player who will hit, grind in the boards, and is one of the better captains of the league, but he isn’t a necessity for the Kings.  The Kings are most likely going into the new season with the same line combinations as they did when they won the Stanley Cup and there is no reason to change it.  Save the remaining cap space for the deadline and address any needs the team may need when the time comes.

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