Today in Boston Bruins History: July 15

By Emma Harger

Boston Bruins history for July 15:

2011: Nathan Horton has his day with the Stanley Cup in his hometown of Dunnville, Ontario. It begins inauspiciously: while Nathan and his wife Tammy arrive at Buffalo’s airport to intercept the Cup, it had not yet arrived! It missed the flight from Boston. Horton took it all in stride, heading back home to get ready for his parade while a Cup keeper awaited the arrival of his charge. The parade was delayed by an hour in order to maybe have the Cup get there by then, but the show went on without Stanley.

Finally, the Cup arrived after landing in Buffalo and then crossing the border and getting to Dunnville by taxi. It was not in time to make the parade, but was in time for a big public party at the town band shell nonetheless. Horton then spent nearly an hour signing autographs for and taking pictures with fans before heading off to celebrate with family, first at his mom’s house in town and then in Niagara Falls with his dad.

He also visited the local police and a young fan going through cancer treatments. To end his day, he enjoyed a nice party with hometown guys he grew up with at a big backyard party. As an attempt to make up for the problem with the Stanley Cup getting to him, he was offered some extra time with the Cup, but he graciously said no thank you.

Horton was the first of the Bruins players to have his day with the Stanley Cup.

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