Alex Ovechkin: Can He Turn It Around?

By Jeff Zeffer

The ‘Great 8’ we call him; Alex Ovechkin is his real name, but after the completion of 2011/12 for the ‘Great 8’ and the Washington Capitals. Who would of thought that Alex Ovechkin would of had one of the most disappointing season of his career?

After five straight seasons of 92 plus points, four of those seasons recorded at 106 points or more, this also includes a 65 goals in the 2007/08 season. Ovechkin was unable to continue to match three digit production for a fourth straight year in 2010/11, when he finished with 85 points and 18 goals below his last year’s mark of 50. Then this last season Alex Ovechkin’s point total fell even more to 65 points, good for 37th in the league.

Though I do not believe we can place Alex Ovechkin’s point woes on him alone, as I am sure there were several contributors to this result. First off Nicklas Backstrom who center’s the top line in Washington only played 42 games last season. In addition two Washington’s number one puck mover in Mike Green only played 32 games and put up 7 points. Alex Semin being a thorn in the side of this team for too long only scored 21 goals this season, the lowest since his rookie season back in 2003/04.

Then there was the head coaching change during the winter months when Bruce Boudreau was fired and London Knight’s legend Dale Hunter stepped in. Now the Capitals will be lead by former star player Adam Oates in this coming season.

My question to all of you is did you ever thought Alex Ovchkin’s 2011/12 season would of ended up they way it did? Did the ‘Great 8’ have it coming? Will Alex Ovechkin ever rebound to a 100+ point performance ever again? Can the additions of Mike Ribero and Wojtec Wolski help the situation in Washington?

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