Dominik Hasek coming back to the NHL?

By Jeff Zeffer

The Dominator, Dominik Hasek, made it clear a couple of months ago that he wants to make a comeback back to the NHL. At 47 years of age, he states that he is tip top condition and he will play in the NHL, but has still yet been able to find a new team. Who would have thought that Hasek would attempt to come back to the NHL at his age?

Dominik Hasek finished what we thought would be the last of his NHL career with the Detroit Red Wings in 2007/08 when he posted 27 wins in 41 games played. Then later took a full calendar year off in 2008/09 from any competitive league hockey. Next season, Hasek played with a team in the Czech Republic, Pardubice HC, where he posted a 23-10-0 record with a 2.26 goals against average and a .921 save percentage. For the 2010/11 season Hasek played for the Moscow Spartak of the KHL, where he recorded a 23-19-3, with a 2.48 goals against average and a .915 save percentage.

Ritch Winter, Dominik Hasek’s agent, stated that, “He will play, there is no option. He will play and he will excel and he will do all of the things he can do.”

In my opinion this is quite the statement for an agent to say about a client who is 47 year old player. The age is what concerns me the most in this situation, although Dominik Hasek did post some appealing numbers during his last two seasons of league play. Even though European Leagues and the KHL are no NHL, but if Hasek does well in one maybe he truly is in tip top shape.

Though I think in order for Dominik Hasek to get the multiyear contract he’s asking for, let alone a one year deal, a team would have to be desperate.

Did you ever think Hasek would attempt a comeback to the NHL? Is it a risk to take a chance on Hasek in the NHL? Which teams would you think would take that chance on Hasek?

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