Detroit Red Wings: The Shane Doan Chronicles

It seems everyone in the NHL would like to get the services of the Phoenix Coyotes captain, Shane Doan.  On the list of suitors for the loyal desert dog are the Detroit Red Wings, a team that has already missed out on both big free agents of the summer,  Ryan Suter and Zach Parise.  Ken Holland seem to be unphased, however, as he has stated that although they did not land either of the 27-year-old rising talents, he was comfortable where his team was at.  In fact, Holland mentioned that the Wings would only be looking to add one more piece if any to his 2012-2013 squad. Many sources around the league, on the big networks, and on twitter believe that piece could very well be Shane Doan.


My take on Mr. Holland’s decision: brilliant.  Whilst many Red Wings fans will be up in arms about not going after free agent Alex Semin or pushing for a big trade for Bobby Ryan or Rick Nash, I see Ken Holland’s actions to be as cool as the ice in Joe Louis Arena.  I cannot count the amount of comments I have seen suggesting the Wings throw a 12 million dollar offer sheet at Shea Weber, thereby forcing the Predators hand to match and give Weber only a one year contract before he enters unrestricted free agency next year or ending up with the Predator captain himself.  Luckily, Ken Holland is the general manager and my inebriated friends on Saturday night can keep their day jobs.


Go ahead, Mr. Holland, avoid the suggestions and stick to a natural leader and grinder like Shane Doan.  If you are able, pick up a talented and ferocious captain who will do nothing less than grind out all those hard minutes in the playoffs next to Zetterberg or Datsyuk.  It was painfully obvious when Darren Helm, who normally does a lot of the things Doan would do, went out of the first round last year, the Wings were in trouble.  Doan will give the Wings the grit they want with a clutch scoring touch they need.  Semin, Ryan, and Nash all might get you top marks with the fans of Hockeytown, but in this writer’s opinion, bringing Doan to Detroit will get you your next Stanley Cup.

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  • Dr. Harold Smith

    I like Doan too, but I’m afraid that we are waiting just to find out He stays with his present team! Semin is a good choice and money is all it will take to get him. Trades would be good, but not if demands are unreasonable!!! We need at least ONE MORE PIECE, get it, yes perhaps we will get the Cup this year; don’t and we may leave the playoffs as quickly as last season………..If not Doan, Semin, Ryan or Nash if possible…………………..

  • brian

    i don’t mean to sound like a dick, just a shot in the dark that you care to improve your grammar.

    “Ken Holland is the general manager and not my inebriated friends on Saturday night”

    says that instead of being your inebriated friends, ken holland is the general manager – not that your inebriated friends are not the general manager.

    • Zach

      Capitalize your “i”, dick. The grammar card is a tough one to play; you should stay out of the arena.

    • Dr. Kenneth Noisewater


      If you feel compelled to criticize others grammar, you should probably make sure that you lift that chubby finger of yours up and click the “shift” button to capitalize the appropriate letters. Great article Pete!