Phoenix Coyotes Talk: All-Notes Edition

By Jaime Eisner

Today’s article will be an all-notes edition. At the end of many of my past articles, I have reserved a space for a “NOTES” section. These are one sentence to one paragraph in length covering recent news that does not have the content for a full article. Since we are entering the dog days of summer, NHL news is becoming rather sparse. There are big storylines still to play out over the next week, such as ownership finalization and the signing of Shane Doan, but otherwise there is not much. Below are some news and notes about various players and issues surrounding the Phoenix Coyotes:

Chris Summers: Summers re-signed with the Coyotes on Monday. Summers broke the news via his Twitter account. He has played 23 games with the Coyotes over the last two seasons. Last season, Summers recorded no goals, three assists and 50 hits while being a -4 in 21 games. Summers will compete for either the 6th and 7th defensemen spot on the roster with Brandon Gormley, David Schlemko, Michael Stone, David Rundblad and Maxim Goncharov. He is also a candidate to be traded for a forward if needed.

Shane Doan
: I am hearing that Doan may sign a 4-year $20+ million contract with the Coyotes in the next day or two. Reports indicate that Doan has been offered a 2-year contract paying $6 million per year by a couple of teams. Those reports also indicate that Doan would prefer a 3- or 4-year deal and would not accept a 1- or 2-year deal even if he is offered more money.  (There was also a “Sign Doan” sign spotted at the U.S. Airways Center during a WWE event on Sunday.)

Referendum: On Monday, the City of Glendale rejected the petitions of two Glendale citizens who sought to put the Glendale/Jamison lease of Arena on the November ballot. The petitions were rejected on the grounds that they were turned in past the deadline and did not have enough valid signatures. The two citizens have stated in the past that they may consider legal action when Glendale rejects their petitions.

Brett MacLean: MacLean is back home and enjoying his life again. He thanked everyone for the well wishes and gave a special thanks to his friends at the rink who saved his life. His future as a hockey player and Coyote are uncertain as of now. MacLean is an RFA and according to Cap Geek, the qualifying offer would be $771,750. A 1-yr $800,000 contract could be expected (he made $735,000 last season).

Keith Yandle: As of now, all the trade talks involving Yandle have come to a screeching halt. Until Doan re-signs, or signs somewhere else, Yandle will not be going anywhere. Remember that Yandle was an assistant captain and is the front runner for the job of captain if Doan leaves. He is also the most valuable trade chip for a forward if Doan does leave; so it is a bit of a Catch 22 (19+3=22! Coincidence?).

*Be advised that I would like to do a mailbag story soon answering any questions about possible signings, trades, line combinations, etc. If interested, click the “Contact” button at the top of this article and send me an e-mail with your questions. You can also tweet me those questions by hitting the “Twitter” button at the top of the article.

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