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Today in Boston Bruins History: July 16

Boston Bruins history for July 16:

1960: Jay Miller is born in Wellesley, Massachusetts. He played for four years with the University of New Hampshire and was drafted by the Quebec Nordiques in 1980 while still in college. However, he never played for that team, and he spent time in the minors before signing with the hometown area Bruins as a free agent in 1985. While a Bruin, he became well-known for being an enforcer, at one point tallying up 304 penalty minutes to go with 19 points (1987-88). That was a career-best season for him in both respects. During a 1988 game between the Bruins and the archrival Montreal Canadiens, after the game had already ended, Miller had a fight with John Kordic, one that cost both teams $25,000 in fines. Traded to the Los Angeles Kings in 1989, he kept up his enforcer role, protecting Wayne Gretzky among other teammates. He retired in 1992. His son, also named Jay, plays football and his daughter Brooke played defense in college hockey. He and his wife own a restaurant in Massachusetts.

1966: Mikhail Tatarinov is born in Angarsk, Russia. Tatarinov made history when he became the first Russian player to play in the NHL without defecting. It did take time, though–he was drafted in 1984 and came to the NHL in 1990 with the Washington Capitals, the team that had drafted him nearly a decade earlier. In the interim, he’d played for the Soviet national team and Moscow Dynamo. But once in North America, he played for the Caps for a season, was traded to the Quebec Nordiques and had a good season there even though the team was not very good. A second season with the Nords was limited by injuries, injuries that would continue to nag him after a trade to the Bruins. He ended up playing just two Boston and three Providence games before the injuries forced him into retirement.

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