NHL Rumors: Shane Doan Takes His Time

By Emma Harger

The steadfast Shane Doan, who has been with the Phoenix Coyotes since just before they became the Coyotes, appears to be in no real hurry to make a decision about where he will play next season. His previous supposed deadline of July 9 has come and gone, as has another bandied-about date of July 16, but there is still nothing certain yet.

He is waiting to see if issues with Phoenix’s ownership will be resolved. Greg Jamison has put in a bid to purchase the team, which was approved by the city council of Glendale, Ariz. and held up in court, though it faced opposition from two residents who tried to gather enough signatures for a petition. The petition would put a referendum about the Jamison deal on the ballot in November, allowing residents to overturn the deal, but the city has rejected it on the basis of missing the deadline and not having enough signatures.

Doan’s indecision has led to patience, though, on the part of the Coyotes. General manager Don Maloney is alright with waiting on his team’s captain to make a decision, suggesting that it could be weeks yet before he decides. He also feels like in the end, Doan will stay with the only team he’s ever known and remain a part of the Phoenix organization.

Another general manager, David Poile from the Nashville Predators, echoed this sentiment when he expressed the hope that Doan stays in the maroon and white next season. However, should Doan decide to leave, the Predators could be interested in his services. Nashville has taken some big hits in this offseason, after all, especially losing Ryan Suter to the Minnesota Wild. (Look for the Predators to start negotiating with Shea Weber soon in an attempt to avoid losing both halves of their high-powered, leadership defense pairing.)

Reportedly, 11 different teams, including Nashville, have interest in Doan. One of those teams: the Los Angeles Kings. This is especially intriguing because the Kings and Coyotes faced each other in the Western Conference Final, a tumultuous series so heated that even the traditional handshake after Los Angeles won was the site of heightened tension.

Teams in need of a veteran center with the ability to both score and assist pretty evenly–he had 22 goals and 28 assists this past season, and five goals and four assists in Phoenix’s playoff run, the longest in franchise history–could find a use for Doan on their lineup.

However, the patience on Phoenix’s part, and Maloney’s faith in his future decision, may very well mean that he stays in the desert.

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