Boston Bruins News Bits: All-Canadians, Bear Tracks and More

By Emma Harger

Today has been a tough day, considering the tragedy in Aurora, Colo., the damage it has done and the lives it has taken. Here are some light-hearted, positive things happening with the Boston Bruins, things that may help you cope with the tragedy.

Tyler Seguin is mentoring the next generation of young NHL players as part of the Allstate All-Canadians mentorship program’s mentorship camp. Forty-two bantam players (with 1997 birthdays) from all over Canada were selected for an intensive camp that teaches skills both on and off the ice, culminating in the Mentorship Cup, which is broadcast on TSN. The players are split into two teams, Team Hall and Team Tavares (for two other young NHL stars helping to lead the way, Taylor Hall and John Tavares). Seguin showed up to help lead the players in a set of on-ice drills. Following the experience, he found himself quite impressed with the campers:

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Who knows–there could be a future Bruin or two in this class of bantams.

Seguin also appears to be having, um, a little trouble housebreaking his puppy Marshall, according to a tweet from his friend Jesse Blacker. Perhaps another thing Seguin needs to do in the offseason is invest in some puppy pads.

Wedding bells are ringing for two different Bruins. Recently, Milan Lucic proposed to his girlfriend Brittany Carnegie. She posted a picture of the engagement ring on her Twitter:


Carnegie also said on her Twitter that she and Lucic are en route to Toronto for a Saturday wedding. She didn’t say specifically, but said that it was one of Lucic’s teammates. Could it be Gregory Campbell, who hails from the general Toronto area and has a fiancee (as Seguin disclosed in a March interview)? Maybe…

John Bishop is preparing for a road trip. Nicknamed #BearTracks on Twitter, he plans to visit four of the Bruins while they are at home for the summer. Here is a photo of his itinerary:

Labeled stops on the map include Halifax, Nova Scotia; Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island; Quebec City, Quebec and then Boston. Based on this map, and confirmed on Twitter, Bishop is going to go pay visits to Brad Marchand, Adam McQuaid, Patrice Bergeron and Jordan Caron. He leaves on Sunday bound for Halifax to see Marchand. Stay tuned for more information from #BearTracks!

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