Chicago Blackhawks: Patrick Kane Denies Having A Drinking Problem

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When you combine an incredibly dull summer with another Patrick Kane drinking extravaganza, you get the most honest question a Chicago Blackhawks beat writer has ever asked to open up the convention: “Do you have a drinking problem?”

It’s a fair question. Kane has made news the past couple of years more for his adventures off the ice than his actual play on it. I’m actually surprised this is a question that no one had asked Kane before Friday.

Kane’s drinking has been covered well on Deadspin and has led him to be involved in more fake trade rumors than Roberto Luongo. It’s even also led us to question him in the event that he misses a game with an illness.

When asked, Kane gave about as standard an answer as you could have hoped for. He denied having a drinking problem, of course. He also talked about serving as a role model for everyone, repeatedly calling the events, particularly the events of Cinco de Mayo a couple of months ago, “embarrassing.”

I don’t think Patrick Kane has a drinking problem. It’s a tolerance problem that he has. It’s really easy to take yourself out of the situation. But I can’t help but feel like Kane was doing nothing more than feeding us the company line on Friday.

We’ll see if there’s any change from Patrick Kane on and off the ice. I’ve said it before: a player’s lifestyle off the ice is none of our business. Until it is. Kane continues to work his way into the news with his inability co control his liquor. I hope the front office has laid it out for Kane that that type of nonsense won’t be tolerated moving forward.