Shea Weber to Philadelphia Flyers Could Benefit New York Rangers

Shea Weber is a stud defensemen that teams in the Atlantic Division won’t be too excited to see six times a year if he ends up in Philadelphia.  Weber’s imposing physical presence can shut down top-line scorers and Shea Weber is a legitimate offensive threat from the point.  If the Nashville Predators don’t match his $110 million offer sheet, Weber will be the newest, most expensive member of the Philadelphia Flyers.  Shea Weber’s +44 differential and 193 points over the last four seasons could make the Flyers a contender, but the New York Rangers may actually benefit from Weber going to the Flyers.

The compensation required for the Flyers to land Shea Weber as a restricted free agent will be four picks in the first round of the draft.  The Flyers appeared to be frontrunners to acquire Bobby Ryan, but the acquisition of Shea Weber likely ends trade talks with the Anaheim Ducks.  The Flyers will have extremely limited cap space, will probably lose RFA Jakub Voracek, and no longer have draft picks to facilitate a trade with the Ducks without parting with seemingly untouchable prospects.  The Philadelphia Flyers appear to be all but finished with roster adjustments, but the Rangers still have room to improve.

By acquiring Shea Weber, the Philadelphia Flyers open the market for the New York Rangers to trade for top-scoring forwards.  Rick Nash of the Columbus Blue Jackets has a list of only six teams he’d be willing to be traded to, but the Jackets seem content to wait for an unreasonable package of prospects.  With the Flyers out of the picture, the Jackets will either keep paying Rick Nash and delay rebuilding efforts or lower their inflated trade demands.  The New York Rangers also just became the best offer on the market for Bobby Ryan should they choose to pursue him.  If the Flyers land Shea Weber, look for the Rangers to respond with another top-line forward, and with limited competition on the market the Rangers will get a better deal.

Additionally, the 14-year Shea Weber offer sheet is not without risk.  Weber is one of the best defensemen in the NHL, but he’s benefited from playing in Nashville his entire career.  Weber was able to skate alongside Ryan Suter as one of the best defensive tandems in hockey.  He also played in front of a spectacular goaltender in Pekka Rinne.  Will Weber be able to duplicate his success in an open-ice system in front of Ilya Bryzgalov?  For $110 million, shouldn’t the Flyers be sure?  Philadelphia is cap-committed to Weber and Bryzgalov with Claude Giroux’s contract needs on the horizon.  Even Scott Hartnell wants an extension.  Rangers fans may soon look back on the Shea Weber deal as the move that crippled the rival Flyers financially – or the one that made them contenders.

If New York lands Rick Nash or Bobby Ryan, it might not matter.

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  • rc

    This article is pretty pointless. Weber would be a great addition for the Flyers period. The Rangers are going to do what they do. Whatever the Flyers do , you could say that opens up something for the Rangers so it is pointless.

    The Flyers huge need is a defenseman like Shea Weber so they will be ecstatic to get him if it happens. What the Rangers do is up to them. Flyers aren’t stopping them from trading for Nash or Ryan or whomever or signing Doan or whatever the Rangers are going to do.

    I don’t think the Flyers have much interest in Nash and they don’t have a big need for Bobby Ryan either. They like Ryan some but aren’t going to move other forwards to get him.

    Also as far as the Flyers not being able to make other moves like sign Voracek, you are wrong. They will trade a dman likely Meszaros and they can also get rid of Shelley to free up space. Basically they already lost Jagr and traded JVR so they will retain Voracek or acquire a forward, that is certain. They may also try to get a player like Arnott cheap who played with Weber

    Flyers also don’t have to extend Hartnell.

    As far as Weber not fitting with the Flyers or not being able to play with anyone else but Ryan Suter, that’s just idiotic. Not that it even deserves mention but they have a player named Kimmo Timonen so don’t be so stupid.

  • ICDogg

    Yeah, I agree with rc. Every big move has risk, but this is the type of risk that it is wise for the Flyers to take. This is a player that the Flyers would much prefer to get than trading for Ryan or Nash.

  • Joe

    This was actually very well written. But the flyers are and have been set offensively, the pronger shaped hole on the flyer blue line is the only thing that needed to be addressed and it has. With weber though the flyers bwvome hands down favoeites nit just contenders. But i dont blame the ny writer for being unable to put those words to paper. I will never believe that weber success is rooted in pekka rinne. In suter maybe, but timmonen and coburn can provide that, as should the absence of carle.
    The rangers do need to get ryan or nash just to compete offensively with the flyers.

    • markdonatiello

      ou guys are right, but I do think this somewhat-risky move would open the market and possibly benefit New York this offseason in a secondary sort of way. Thanks for reading, and I appreciate the kind words on my writing style.