Free Agent Shane Doan Visits Philadelphia Flyers Saturday

By Randy Holt

The longer the Phoenix Coyotes ownership situation takes to find a solution, the more the chances of Shane Doan sporting a new sweater next season increase.

Doan has been roaming the country to talk to a few teams that might be interested in signing the veteran forward, as he takes advantage of free agency for the first time ever.

The latest team to join the courtship of Doan is the Philadelphia Flyers. The Flyers have had interest in Doan pretty much since he hit the market and started talking to teams, and he reportedly met with Flyers’ brass on Saturday, a day after meeting with the New York Rangers.

As things stand right now, the Coyotes are still the favorites to re-sign him. It’s just a matter of when the ownership situation is finally settled to the point where the two sides can agree to a deal.

But if things don’t resolve quickly, the Flyers are expected to be heavily in the mix to sign the longtime Phoenix captain. He’d be a great fit for a team that lost a veteran presence in their top six when Jaromir Jagr signed with the Dallas Stars a couple of weeks ago.

Doan is the type of guy who’s as physical as anybody in the game, but you could throw in the top six and he can keep up and contribute, without taking anything away from the skill guys. It’s easy to see why so many teams likely have interest in him.

The only concern with Doan is the type of term he’s looking for. He’s 35 years old and could be looking for around five years in a new contract. I doubt many teams outside of the Coyotes would want to offer him something that long.

It’s probably going to be a bit longer before we know where Doan is going to end up. If something happens in Phoenix that causes him to move on, there are at least half a dozen teams that will be in on him. The Flyers would be a great fit, but it’s going to come down to the money and term he’s looking for that will determine it. Stay tuned.

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