Will The Flyers Be Forced To Part Ways With Sean Couturier?

By Randy Holt

The Philadelphia Flyers are the talk of the National Hockey League right now, with their gigantic offer sheet for Shea Weber. Even before that, though, they were regulars in trade rumors for big name talent.

The big reason for that is some of the young talent that made a large impact for this club last season. The three names that immediately come to mind include Brayden Schenn, Matt Read, and Sean Couturier.

Paul Holmgren has been adamant about the fact that he will not trade Schenn this summer. The Flyers see Schenn as a future star and aren’t exactly loaded down the middle throughout the organization.

Matt Read had a very nice season as a rookie, and I thought he’d get a nomination for the Calder Trophy. His name has been floating out there a lot this summer, but his name alone hasn’t gotten the major interest. He’d have to be part of a bigger package of other players and picks.

That just leaves Sean Couturier. His name has been connected to the big names, like Weber, as well as Rick Nash and Bobby Ryan. He had a very good rookie year, scoring 13 goals and adding a very strong defensive game to the lineup. Just ask Evgeni Malkin.

It’s a very real possibility that the Flyers could end up with Shea Weber. But it would likely take a trade to do so. David Poile would much prefer real life players over four draft picks. The two teams had already been in talks with the Nashville Predators, but Poile reportedly asked for both Schenn and Courturier, which was balked at by Holmgren. And understandably so.

If the Flyers want Shea Weber, they’ll have to give up some talent to get him. Couturier would very likely be a centerpiece of such a deal, with some other young talent, and possibly some defense,

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