Today in Boston Bruins History: July 22

Boston Bruins history for July 22:

1931: Leo Labine (full name Leonard Gerald Labine) was born in Haileybury, Ontario. He came up through the Bruins system and eventually debuted with the big club in 1951. He would then stay in Boston for a decade studded with achievements: All-Star Game appearances (1955, 1956), leading the team in scoring (1954-55) and winning the Elizabeth Dufresne Trophy for the best Bruins performance on home ice (also 1954-55). In his time with Boston, he generally averaged at least 20 points a season with a 47-point career high in 1956-57. Eventually he was traded to Detroit, and would play with other teams in minor leagues, before retiring in 1967. He died in 2005.

1935: Claude Pronovost is born in Shawinigan Falls, Quebec. Pronovost’s story is a unique one. He was with the Montreal Canadiens, serving merely as a practice goalie, in 1955-56. In January 1956, the Bruins came into town to play, but they had goalie problems. Their starter, Terry Sawchuk, was unavailable and the team couldn’t use their backup either due to equipment issues. So, in the spirit of sportsmanship, the Habs let the Bs use Pronovost for the game–and he proceeded to shut out the home team. Eventually, he played two other NHL games, both for Montreal, but mostly he was in minor leagues. His career lasted from 1952 to 1963.

2011: Zdeno Chara spends his first day with the Stanley Cup. He and his family awaited Stanley’s arrival from the adjacent Czech Republic at a hotel in Bratislava. When the trophy arrived, he did exactly as he did when he first got the Cup and raised it up high. The Norris Trophy, which he won in 2009, was there as well. After eating in the hotel restaurant and having a media availability, Chara then took his precious cargo to a few different locales: an Audi car dealership, a cell phone store and a trip back to his hometown of Trencin. He did another signing right by the giant castle in the city and then enjoyed a private dinner with family and friends.


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