Daniel Carcillo Criticism Of Philadelphia Flyers Doesn't Actually Matter

By Randy Holt

At his introductory press conference with the Chicago Blackhawks last summer, Daniel Carcillo went out of his way to call out several members of the Vancouver Canucks, two of which weren’t even on the team at that point.

During the Blackhawks Convention over the weekend, Carcillo went a similar route with his mouth, going out of his way to call out some members and coaches of his former team, the Philadelphia Flyers.

Carcillo commented that with better goaltending, the Flyers might have had a better shot at beating the Blackhawks in the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals. While Michael Leighton was bad, Antti Niemi wasn’t much better. The Hawks were just a better team overall.

Carcillo also called out his former coach, Peter Laviolette, saying he has “zero respect” for the Flyers head coach. Don’t forget, Carcillo played only two games in that series against the Hawks, so that explains that.

While some Flyers fans might take offense and the team might gain some sort of motivation the next time the two meet, do these comments actually mean anything? Not at all.

Carcillo was playing to the crowd, which was definitely enjoying it. It’s been entertaining to watch the change in attitude as Carcillo has become a fan favorite in Chicago, just a year after the initial outrage over signing him to a one-year deal last summer.

Dan Carcillo likes to talk, both on and off the ice, usually without using his head. So his words are quite similar to his style of play. I guess he’s proving you can put the pest in the top six, but you can’t take the pest out of Carcillo. Or something like that.

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