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Is Alexander Semin Worth The Risk For The Carolina Hurricanes?

The long wait came to an end on Wednesday, as Alexander Semin finally found a new home, on a one-year deal with the Carolina Hurricanes. The reaction was about you’d expect for any team that signed Semin, especially when that one-year deal came with a $7 million price tag.

Semin reportedly had a much larger offer on the table from the KHL, on a deal that would have paid him $10 million per, on a much longer term. But we’ve known all along that he wanted to stay in the NHL, rather than make the jump back home to Russia, even for a huge increase in pay.

The main reason for any uproar over the Semin deal is based on the typical Russian hockey player stereotype. “He’s lazy, not a team player, and doesn’t play defense”, about sums it up. But 30 goal scorers don’t grow on trees. Semin is an elite goal scorer in this league and makes the Canes that much more dangerous on offense.

The big question isn’t whether or not Semin will put up points, but whether he’s worth the risk for Carolina. That answer is a huge, resounding “yes”. Alexander Semin is absolutely worth the risk for this club and may actually make a lot of other teams regret not taking that “risk”.

More than anything, Semin needed a change of scenery and a fresh start. He’ll get it here, and he’s already projected to play on the top line, the power play, and on the penalty kill.

Given the potential reward Semin could bring the Hurricanes, he’s definitely worth a chance, especially on a one-year deal. The Hurricanes will be a fun team to watch next year and I look forward to seeing Alexander Semin silencing some of his critics in the 2012-13 season.