Would Anyone Consider Signing P.K. Subban To An Offer Sheet?

By Randy Holt

In all of the chaos surrounding Shea Weber, it’s almost gone under the radar that P.K. Subban is still out there as a restricted free agent.

Subban’s name has been mentioned as a potential trade candidate a couple of times this summer, as the Montreal Canadiens drag their feet in trying to sign Subban to a new contract.

Re-signing him still seems like the most likely route for both sides, but after we saw a big, unexpected offer sheet for Weber, would a team be willing to throw an offer sheet at a young talent like Subban?

Obviously he’s not as proven and it wouldn’t be anywhere near the Weber deal, as far as term or money. But Subban is a guy that a lot of teams would love to have. He’s 23 and has the potential to be one of the best defensemen in the NHL, having put up some very nice numbers the past couple of seasons. One concern, though, which has been raised more than once in the past couple seasons, has been his character.

If a team is going to offer sheet Subban, it could be a team like the Philadelphia Flyers, who were obviously the big player for Shea Weber. The Chicago Blackhawks are also a team that could have interest, though the only scenario there would likely be some sort of trade.

Ultimately, Subban will likely end up back in Montreal. They want him there. Teams don’t like to offer sheet, unless of course you’re talking about the best defenseman in the National Hockey League.

If the Habs continue to move slow in talks, interest could pick up for an offer sheet or a trade. So it’s worth keeping an eye on. But in the end, it will very likely be P.K. Subban in Montreal for the next number of years.

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