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Alexander Semin Signs A One-Year Contract With Division Rival Carolina Hurricanes

Adios, Alexander.

Sayonara, Semin.

Either phrase will do right now as we all learn that Alexander Semin has signed a one-year contract with the Carolina Hurricanes. Did I mention one-year worth $7 million?

The Hurricanes just became the Miami Heat of hockey, or for those who aren’t familiar with the NBA, the Yankees of hockey. The Hurricanes took a page out of the Minnesota Wild’s book by adding two All-Stars to their roster. First, it was Jordan Staal and now Alexander Semin.

Things just got real; the Wild and Hurricanes are forces to be reckon with. Who would’ve thought either of those two teams would make such moves? They aren’t the usual teams you see in the headlines or the destinations players want to go to. As long as these over-priced, long-term contracts play an intricate part in the league this won’t be the last time for such occurrences.

Right now, as many things about this deal start to simmer, two things cross my mind the most; Semin going to one of the Capital’s division rivals and how much Carolina forked over for the guy. Anyone who consistently watches the Capitals knows that Semin has a reputation of disappearing during high-pressure situations and he doesn’t show up in the playoffs. It’s basically a proven fact. Now, why would a team dump $7million for a player who puts up 20 some-odd goals and a measly 50 or so points a season? His production and contributions are far from worthy of what was given to him in the contract, but good for him. Good for the Hurricanes for only signing him for a year knowing that he is a well-known disappointment.

Unfortunately, there are no signs that general manager George McPhee will fill the gapping hole left by Semin. With Semin gone, there will be less pressure on the opposition for match-ups against the Capital’s top line. Will this move hinder Alexander Ovechkin’s performance even more so by creating added pressure to an already diminishing captain? Regardless, I think the Capitals will make the postseason again or barely miss them. Thankfully, with the addition of Mike Ribeiro, a few weeks back, they didn’t lose much fire power. Unfortunately, the division rival Hurricanes became that much better.

One thing is for certain, Semin made sure his old team wouldn’t forget about him as he will be playing against the Capitals six times this season. The countdown to the December 1st reunion begins.