Boston Bruins Bear Tracks Part 2: Quebec City and More?

By Emma Harger

Not even a Twitter outage that affected users all over the globe could keep John Bishop from his stop in Quebec City for the Boston Bruins Bear Tracks tour.

Patrice Bergeron and Jordan Caron both hail from towns near Quebec City and come into town during the days to train in the offseason. They began the day with some hard work on the football field, doing a lot of lunges, side-to-side movements and lateral movements off the ice. While there were a few other guys from the pro and prospect levels there working out too, including Mathieu Garon from the Tampa Bay Lightning, Bergeron and Caron led the way. They also stuck around to do extra work and did on-ice work as well–reporting of which may have been affected by the Twitter outage.

When it was time to refuel and get lunch, Bergeron resisted the siren song of poutine, sticking to his training regimen’s diet, but he did at least show off how the poutine looks. After lunch, the tour moved north of the city to the spa Station Blu, where Bergeron is part of the ownership group. The guys changed into Station Blu shirts and led a tour of the grounds, which are very picturesque.

Quebec City has some unique architectural features, like the walls around the city, the old-style buildings and the gigantic Chateau Frontenac. Bergeron’s days with the Stanley Cup last year involved a visit to Chateau Frontenac for photos and the building is so iconic to him that he said it is what he thinks of when he thinks of Quebec City itself.

Speaking of the Cup, Bergeron spoke about a desire to bring it back to Boston.

“Well obviously there’s some unfinished business when you’re done in the first round and that’s something that you want to bring in your workouts and bring over the summer and try to work on things and get better…You want to be hungrier when you come to training camp and obviously during the season,” he said.

All four of the Bruins visited on this inaugural Bear Tracks trip echoed that sentiment, in fact, of working hard to be ready for training camp and the quest for another Stanley Cup championship.

On the drive back to Boston, Bishop said on Twitter that there is a possibility of more Bear Tracks trips happening this offseason. A trip to Ontario would really work because so many of the Bruins call that province home. Of course, no further details are known yet, but stay tuned.

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