Tyler Seguin Represents the Bruins at Bauer Pro Camp

By Emma Harger

Twenty-one different NHL players who all use Bauer gear recently converged on Atlantic City for the company’s annual Pro Camp.

The roster includes Jack Johnson, Jordan Eberle, Patrick Kane, new Stanley Cup champion Mike Richards, three out of four of the Staal brothers (check out this picture of Jordan and Eric now wearing the same team’s colors), the Schenn brothers, Henrik Lundqvist and Tyler Seguin.

Apparently, according to this picture Seguin posted–his first foray into the world of Instagram–Brad Marchand and Milan Lucic were also originally scheduled to attend. Marchand may have backed out because of Bear Tracks; Lucic could be spending time with his new fiancee. (Marchand’s sweater is also visible in the background here.)

The Pro Camp includes scrimmages, skill challenges like the hardest shot and accurate shot events, commercial and publicity photo shoots plus camaraderie between players who might not always be friends on the ice. It’s a good time for players from different teams to come together, show their stuff at what appears to be a practice rink for the Philadelphia Flyers by the looks of it and then when the day is done, go out and maybe ride the roller coasters down by the boardwalk like Claude Giroux and Steven Stamkos did.

Seguin also took a nice chummy photo with Richards and gave a little behind-the-scenes insight by showing a trainer helping Kane get dressed. The casual tone of camp also gives participants the chance to get to know one another better. For example, James Reimer is allergic to mint. It also shows that sometimes they like to be a little mischievous–Stamkos told Lundqvist that he always goes top glove side when shooting on a goalie. He then proceeded to fool him and go low blocker side.

This camp will most likely produce some videos and print ads that will start circulating soon.

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