If The Price Is Right, Jason Arnott Would Make Some Sense For Chicago Blackhawks

This summer, the Chicago Blackhawks have watched nearly every free agent that could have been a fit for them walk off the market. But there may still be one or two potential options out there. One guy that could be a pretty solid fit for the Hawks, in a number of ways, is 37-year old Jason Arnott.

He’s obviously not the guy he once was, but he could still be a pretty productive player in the right role. He tallied 34 points (17 goals, 17 assists) last season, with the St. Louis Blues.

Arnott isn’t an overly physical guy, by any stretch of the imagination, but he’s going to win faceoffs and his 6’5″ frame would help the Hawks to fill a void they’ve left in front of the net for the past couple of seasons.

He wouldn’t be flashy, but he’d be the type of guy the Hawks are looking for on their second line. The only question would be what type of money Arnott would want, as other teams (such as the Edmonton Oilers) could offer up a bit more than what the Hawks might want to.

Arnott made almost $3 million last year. The Hawks would probably want to shave at least a mil off of that. Would he accept one year and in the neighborhood of $2 million? Possibly, if it meant winning another Stanley Cup.

The Hawks still seem content to solve their second line center from inside, but Arnott would make sense, not only on the ice, but as a valuable veteran presence as well. It’s something at least worth some tire kicking for the Chicago Blackhawks.

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  • http://cannon jinmbrawl

    Absolutely agree- 2 million for consistent no bullshit knowledgable player.
    Arnott has clear grasp on commitment- last 5 years beat the young guys during camp testing- can get 20 goals family man focused. Done deal.