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Phoenix Coyotes: Ownership and Shane Doan Update

As of 2:15 pm Arizona time on the 28th of July, nothing is known about the Greg Jamison and Shane Doan meeting. It is not confirmed that the meeting even took place. Now before Coyotes nation gets too worried, it is entirely possible that a private phone call between Jamison and Doan would not be made public. The only information that surfaced on Friday is that Doan would seek a major pay increase if he left the Phoenix Coyotes. There is no official source confirming this information.

Sunday will mark four full weeks since the opening of free agency and Doan will still remain un-signed. Doan may be the dam that is holding up the potential trades of Keith Yandle and Bobby Ryan. Once Doan signs, more players will be moved or signed as teams all over North America will have to move on from the Doan sweepstakes.

As far as the ownership transfer goes, there is very little information to report until the Jamison and Doan meeting is publicized. The NHL continues to say that the deal is moving forward with no timetable for completion. They also add that they have not explored other options outside of Glendale and are open to extending the lease between the City of Glendale and the NHL for another year. That leaves open the possibility the Coyotes could play yet another season at Jobing.com Arena without an owner. It is also possible that Jamison, or his investors, may wait until a new CBA is agreed to before purchasing the team. If that is the case, the team will stay in Glendale but Doan would have to move on.

Despite this on-going ownership drama, the Coyotes are setting franchise records for season ticket renewals and new season ticket sales according to Coyotes President and Chief Operating Officer Mike Nealy.

2:35pm- Acoording to a report by AOL’s Sporting News, Greg Jamison is about $20 million short of funds needed to buy the Coyotes. The article also states that Jamison is courting new investors.