Today in Boston Bruins History: July 28

By Emma Harger

Boston Bruins history for July 28:

1939: Barry Ashbee (full name William Barry Ashbee) was born in Weston, Ontario. Ashbee spent much of his playing career with the minor-league Hershey Bears, though he did play 14 games with the Bruins during 1965-66. After that season, he missed all of 1966-67 due to back surgery and recuperating, but got back in the saddle for 1967-68. In 1970, he was traded to the Philadelphia Flyers, where he really became an NHL regular and grew into one of their best defensemen. He was part of the 1974 Stanley Cup champion team, but the playoffs that year would also spell the end of his playing career because of an eye injury. Immediately after his forced retirement, he became a Flyers assistant coach, though at first he refused the job because he thought it was just offered for pity. Once behind the bench, though, he helped the Flyers win the 1975 Cup too. Just two years later, though, he received the terrible news that he had leukemia–and he died a month later. In his memory, a trophy is awarded each year to Philly’s best defenseman.

1973: Steve Staios (full name Steven Staios) is born in Hamilton, Ontario. Staios is better known for his time with other teams, but he did make his NHL debut with the Bruins in 1996 after a trade from the St. Louis Blues system, the team that drafted him. He spent just 12 games as a Bruin, though, before the Vancouver Canucks got him off waivers. From there, he also played with the Atlanta Thrashers after being picked up in the 1999 expansion draft, serving as their captain for a time, and he also saw time on both sides of the Battle of Alberta rivalry. While with the Edmonton Oilers, he even experienced playing in the Stanley Cup Final, though they lost in 2006. In fact, his 2010 trade to Calgary was the only time the Albertan rivals have ever traded with one another. In 2011, he experienced his 1,000th NHL game as part of the New York Islanders. Recently he announced his decision to retire and join the front office of the Toronto Maple Leafs as a player development adviser.

2011: Rich Peverley enjoys his day with the Stanley Cup in Guelph, Ontario. The Stanley Cup came to his house, where his wife Nathalie, their two-year-old daughter Isabella, the family dog Bear and both Rich’s mom and dad were waiting. Isabella even got to eat her breakfast cereal, which looks like it was Froot Loops, out of the Cup. After a nourishing breakfast, Peverley took the Cup to the city police department and showed it to the police chief. Then it was off to the arena, Sleeman Centre, where 1,500 fans all entered a raffle to receive all manner of signed loot while he took pictures and signed autographs. Lunchtime saw Peverley and his entourage head to a Greek restaurant for a nice filling meal and then the party moved to a nearby country club, where two of Peverley’s old Thrashers teammates were among the attendees there to help celebrate.

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