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Chicago Blackhawks: Joel Quenneville’s Job On The Line In 2012-2013?

There’s no question at this point as to the discourse between the coaching staff and the front office of the┬áChicago Blackhawks.

Whether it’s in regard to special teams, what improvements to be made, and whether it should be Patrick Kane or Marcus Kruger centering the second line, Joel Quennville and Stan Bowman can’t seem to agree on much.

Bowman has done very little to improve this team this summer. Despite the fact that the adjustments that need to be made to the roster are quite obvious, Bowman has sat on his hands and hasn’t appeared to even explore many avenues to improve the team, let alone actually move towards improving.

What is very likely is that the Blackhawks are going to wait until around the trade deadline to make their move. The market is sure to expand by then, as it’s pretty thin right now, but that could end up being bad news for Quenneville and his staff.

Aside from Sheldon Brookbank, this is the same team that struggled to find consistency throughout the season, ended up as a no. 6 seed, and was once again eliminated from the playoffs in the first round. Of course, who could forget about that awful nine game losing streak as well?

Bowman’s lack of movement this summer really speaks volumes about his plans for Quennville and his staff this season. Essentially, Bowman is going to let Coach Q dig his own grave. He let him bring on another buddy in Jamie Kompon for his coaching staff and the rest is going to depend on the results early on.

If the team struggles out of the gate and Quenneville continues to mismanage his players on the ice, then it could very likely cost him his job. Keep in mind Quenneville wasn’t Bowman’s guy when he took over as general manager of the Chicago Blackhawks.

There’s no doubt that Joel Quenneville is coaching for his job in 2012-2013. Whether or not he could end up sacked early on or after another early exit remains to be seen, but in a summer that has lacked in storylines for the Chicago Blackhawks, this is certainly a big one heading into next season.

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