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NHL Rumors: Douglas Murray Dating Elin Nordegren?

Remember Tiger Woods‘ ex-wife Elin Nordegren–and how she came out the victor in their divorce settlement, reportedly getting more than $100 million?

Rumor has it Nordegren has moved on to men of a different sport, specifically hockey, specifically Douglas Murray from the San Jose Sharks.

Radar Online has it from a Swedish site and reports the standard sort of celebrity interaction: the hugs and displays of affection in a public place (a Swedish nightclub), a dinner together with a Swedish pro golfer who may have served as their matchmaker, the “we’re just friends” denial from one of the parties involved (Murray).

So who knows, it could just be that they’re friends or that this is setting the stage for something more.

Murray’s story is interesting, though. Born in Sweden, he represents Tre Kronor internationally, including at the 2008 World Championship and the 2010 Olympics. He’s been with the Sharks at either the AHL or NHL since 2003, when he joined the organization that had drafted him after finishing a degree in hotel management. His best season on the ice, points-wise, was 2009-10 (four goals, 13 assists), and he has tied the club record for hits in a single game by putting out nine in an April 2011 match.

He’s been praised for his physical presence and, though his fights per season have tapered off since a high of 11 in 2007-08, he’s still willing to drop the gloves if need be.

Plus, he’s part of a company that makes a beer keg tap with three spouts and the claim that it pours beer five times faster than a normal tap.

Nordegren could certainly do worse than Murray–that is, if they are actually more than just friends at all.

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